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Jenkins, Stephen

Category: Ordinary person

Stephen Jenkins was a schoolteacher who wrote a book The Undiscovered Country describing his interest in ley lines.

What started as a hobby gradually became an almost full-time pursuit as he wandered around the English countryside with an Ordnance survey map and a camera observing the ley lines that he found and then recording any 'psychic phenomena' associated with the nodes, or crossing points, of leys.  He recorded the experiences of other people, but had some very strange experiences himself, the first of which occurred when he was just 16 years old on a track near Mounts Bay in Cornwall.  This is provided as an observation.

At the time he had the experience he had no knowledge of leys or even that ley lines existed.  It was only much later that he examined an Ordnance survey map and realised he had been walking along a ley and approaching a nodal point.

In 1974, he returned to the spot with his wife and again 'just as in the deepening light of that August afternoon 38 years before, the illusion of armed men!  And again the vanishing as one took a few paces forward'.


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