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Devereux, Paul

Category: Scientist


Paul Devereux (born 1945) is an author, researcher, lecturer, broadcaster, artist and photographer based in England.  He was born in Leicester, UK and is married.

Devereux is a co-founder and the managing editor of the academic publication Time & Mind – the Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture, and a Research Fellow with the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) group at Princeton University. 

He is also a research affiliate with the Royal College of Art (2007-2013), working on an audio-visual study of Mynydd Preseli, the source area in Wales of the Stonehenge bluestones.

He is the director of the Dragon Project Trust, which in the past used scientific measuring instruments as well as primary sensing (using dowsers and psychics) to test modern rumours and traditional folklore of there being “energies" at sacred places. Between 1990 and 2000 it ran an ambitious ancient sites dream research programme (a modern, updated research version of ancient “temple sleep" practices).

Interests and research

Paul specialises in investigating unexplained physical phenomenon, sacred geographies and other archaeological discoveries, including ‘archaeoacoustics’ (the study of sound at archaeological sites), the anthropology of consciousness (ancient and pre-modern worldviews), and unusual geophysical phenomena.  He has written three books on this topic, for example,  Earth Lights, and, in particular, Earth Lights Revelation, and has co-authored (with Peter Brookesmith) a major work, UFOs and Ufology, and has also written numerous articles on earth lights and given several lectures (including at the Dana Centre, Science Museum, London) on the subject.


Paul’s research interests in archaeology focus especially on “cognitive” aspects, trying to “get inside” the prehistoric mind, and this has broadened into the study of anthropological themes, especially what is known as “the anthropology of consciousness”. This in turn led him to become involved more generally in what is loosely termed “consciousness studies”. He has frequently combined these themes – such as writing a prehistory of the use of mind-altering substances, and examining anomalous phenomena of various kinds, especially supposed psi phenomena.

This mix of archaeological, anthropological and consciousness studies interests has led him to co-founding and co-editing the new peer-reviewed, academic publication, Time & Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture mentioned above.

He pioneered a great deal of research into - “leys", or “ley lines" carrying on the work of Alfred Watkins and was editor of The Ley Hunter magazine (1975–1995).  His research into spirit and death roads across archaic landscapes developed directly from his early ley interests.

He has given a great many presentations on various aspects of his multidisciplinary range of subject matter to specialist, academic and general audiences in Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and France. Venues have ranged from Glastonbury New Age “fairs” to some of the most prestigious universities and institutions in England and America.



Paul started out as a painter, having a degree in Fine Art. He participated in numerous group exhibitions in Britain such as John Moores, Liverpool, and the Royal Academy Schools, plus travelling shows under the auspices of the Arts Council. He also exhibited in Germany. His painting became increasingly inspired by the geometry and numinosity of ancient monuments and this began to lead him deeper into an interest in archaeology. This resulted in him turning more toward writing and research with the consequence that he slowly shifted from painting and gradually relinquished his formal teaching of painting, drawing and photography.


Paul has written or co-written 28 books since 1979, and has also written a range of peer-reviewed academic papers and many articles for more popular publications. He originated two Channel 4 (UK) television documentaries (also shown on cable in USA), and has appeared in many others. 


His books have been absolutely invaluable to this site.  You will find his research mentioned in numerous observations on the site under the heading Paul Devereux and placed in the sections to which it refers, however, Paul has had his own experiences which are described here.

For example, Paul states that he became interested in unexplained aerial phenomena because of a bizarre sighting of his own in 1967.   His books include:

  • Sacred Geography: Deciphering Hidden Codes in the Landscape
  • Fairy Paths & Spirit Roads: Exploring Otherworldly Routes in the Old and New Worlds
  • Mysterious Ancient America: An Investigation into the Enigmas of America's Pre-History
  • Haunted Land: Investigations into Ancient Mysteries and Modern Day Phenomena
  • The Long Trip: The Prehistory of Psychedelia
  • Lucid Dreaming: Accessing Your Inner Virtual Realities (with Charla Devereux)
  • Re-visioning the Earth: A Guide to Opening the Healing Channels Between Mind and Nature
  • Earthmind: Communicating With the Living World of Gaia (Destiny, 1992) - with John Steele and David Kubrin
  • Earth Lights Revelation: UFOs and Mystery Lightform Phenomena: the Earth's Secret Energy Force
  • The Ley Hunter's Companion: Aligned Ancient Sites : A new study with field guide and maps


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