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Coleman, Lloyd

Category: Musician or composer

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Lloyd was born in May 1992, the second son of Robert, an IT manager, and Julie, a nursery nurse. His brother, Gareth, was 19 months old, and the family lived in a modest home in Bridgend, south Wales. There was nothing exceptional about the new arrival, save for a shock of white blonde hair - an early sign that Lloyd was albino. But, at just eight weeks old, he was struck down with suspected viral meningitis.

Julie, 44, recalls, 'I remember he was making an awful, high-pitched screech, which is one of the signs of meningitis. After three days of being really ill, he seemed to recover.

He was tested and, at five months old, diagnosed with albinism and nystagmus, a condition where the eyes wobble and are unable to focus properly on objects or words. 

It was ..when he was four that he was diagnosed as almost completely deaf.


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