Mineral imbalance

Category: Illness or disabilities



Introduction and description

Mineral imbalance is defined as either a deficiency or an overload of the minerals human beings need to sustain life. 

The details of the types of mineral balance that can occur can be found in the detail accompanying the following entries on the site: 

Sulphur is a needed mineral, but imbalance has no recognised existence medically. 

Arsenic, silicon,  and vanadium have established, albeit specialised, biochemical roles as structural or functional cofactors in other organisms, and are thus possibly needed by humans. One area they might be needed is as foodstuffs for the flora we have in our intestines - in essence they don't keep us going, but they keep the bacteria we need to process food going. 

I have not duplicated all the explanations for how and why mineral imbalance can occur, all the detail can be found in the more generic section that covers all nutrients - Nutrient deprivation.

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