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Mercury amalgam fillings and schizophrenia



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Number of hallucinations: 2


Hal Huggins  was a dentist and one of the first people to recognise the links between mercury poisoning and a host of illnesses.

A description of the experience

Mercury Amalgam & Mental Illness, Depression - Hal Huggins, D.D.S.

[Media Nov 22, 2004] Having all my fillings removed changed my life. Wife blames 40 years' depression on the mercury in her teeth.

Case history: It was 1977. Just after I had a large filling done (amalgam), I started to salivate heavily, heard voices, and became quite disturbed. I went to a dentist to see about having the amalgams removed. Well, the dentist called my mother (I was 17 at the time), insisting that I have a psychological evaluation. The police put me in hand-cuffs and leg restraints (chains), and I was hauled off to an institution.

I was there for two weeks. I was heavily drugged, so badly that I could not stand or walk. I stayed on the medications for about a solid year. Immediately upon my stopping the medications, I went to a different dentist, insisting on removal. You are not going to believe this, but the dentist drilled about half of the amalgam out, and then capped the teeth with white porcelain or ceramic. On my last visit, I just happened to bring a mirror with me, which is how I discovered this. Well, I did not want another episode with mental personnel, so I decided to remove it myself.

I removed two at a time, and went to a third dentist, who filled them with those miracle-mix fillings, which emit flouride. Needless to say, my psychosis was relieved, for the most part, but not until I started taking heavy doses of vitamin B12, B complex, and multivitamins. I was also taking zinc and iron suppliments.

I still suspect that I might have mercury or heavy metal problems, as my short-term memory is not up to par. I also have problems with attentiveness. My mind wanders. I am rather uncomfortable with medical personnel, at this point, as you might imagine. A female friend of mine had the same experience as mine, all starting in the dentist's chair.

Case history: She was shy, timid, spoke like a child, and was a diagnosed schizophrenic. Severe chest pain made her writhe in agony. She had tried to tear out her heart and she thought she was going to die.

She was bloated and had a poor com-plexion. She'd hyperventilate to the ex-tent that half her body sometimes turned red. There were problems with the thy-roid, liver gall bladder menses and, especially, the nervous system.

The third day after her mercury-containing dental fillings were removed, she laughed and said, "It's not going to get me. It's not going to be bad."

With time, everything improved. Her complexion cleared, the bloating de-creased, and she felt connected to her body again. Her thyroid became normal, she no longer felt pain on menstruation, her heart didn't hurt, and the schizophrenia was gone. 

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