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Balzac, Honoré de - Louis Lambert - The Laws of the Universe



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Louis Lambert by Honore De Balzac

  Everything on earth exists solely by motion and number.

  Motion is, so to speak, number in action.

  Motion is the product of a force generated by the Word and by  Resistance, which is Matter. But for Resistance, Motion would have  had no results; its action would have been infinite. Newton's  gravitation is not a law, but an effect of the general law of  universal motion.

 Motion, acting in proportion to Resistance, produces a result  which is Life. As soon as one or the other is the stronger, Life ceases.

  No portion of Motion is wasted; it always produces number; still,  it can be neutralized by disproportionate resistance, as in  minerals.

  Number, which produces variety of all kinds, also gives rise to  Harmony, which, in the highest meaning of the word, is the relation of parts to the whole.

 But for Motion, everything would be one and the same. Its  products, identical in their essence, differ only by Number, which gives rise to faculties.

 Man looks to faculties; angels look to the Essence.

  By giving his body up to elemental action, man can achieve an  inner union with the Light.

  Number is intellectual evidence belonging to man alone; by it he  acquires knowledge of the Word.

  There is a Number beyond which the impure cannot pass: the Number  which is the limit of creation.

  The Unit was the starting-point of every product: compounds are  derived from it, but the end must be identical with the beginning.

  Hence this Spiritual formula: the compound Unit, the variable  Unit, the fixed Unit.

  The Universe is the Unit in variety. Motion is the means; Number  is the result. The end is the return of all things to the Unit,  which is God.

  Three and Seven are the two chief Spiritual numbers.

  Three is the formula of created worlds. It is the Spiritual Sign  of the creation, as it is the Material Sign of dimension. In fact,  God has worked by curved lines only: the Straight Line is an  attribute of the Infinite; and man, who has the presentiment of  the Infinite, reproduces it in his works. Two is the number of  generation. Three is the number of Life which includes generation  and offspring. Add the sum of four, and you have seven, the  formula of Heaven.

Above all is God; He is the Unit.


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Balzac, Honoré de

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