Spiritual concepts

Cause effect chain

Any one activity may cause a whole series of related effects in a long chain reaction. 


An effect is the consequence of an activity.  For example Event A  may produce Illnesses B, C and D, which themselves result in Disability G, Illnesses E and F and an Event H.  Generally this is known as an Effect, but when illnesses are being referred to it may be known as a Symptom.

It is only by following this chain that the ultimate effects can be found. 


A cause is the event that resulted in an activity.  Cause and effect are thus related, an illness A may result in another illness B  [effect] and thus the illness B may be caused by the illness A.

As can be seen from the diagrams, an activity might have multiple effects and multiple causes.

Thus, an activity may be caused by a number of activities in a long chain reaction of cause and effect.  For example we can see that Illness A is caused by Illness C and D, but in turn they too can be caused by other activities.  At some point we find an external cause – something that happened to the body.  Thus the ultimate Cause is actually an Event – a virus, for example, or a toxin, or pollution or a heavy metal or something similar.  In effect a cause is ultimately a Threat or an Opportunity or an Obligation.

But it is only by following this chain backwards that we can determine the ultimate or root cause of an activity way down the chain. For example, typhoid can be caused by polluted water, influenza is caused by a virus or viruses and so on.


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