Symbols - What does heaven look like


Teeth symbolism is not straightforward. The first set of meanings relate to the Egg.

If we look at a map of the Egg in a simplified way,  the universe actually looks vibrationally like a great mouth with a vast vast number of little teeth [the cones] all round the rim connected to the central aether layer with its Intelligences.


The cheshire cat in Lewis Carroll's
Alice in Wonderland, drawn by John Tenniel

The use of this symbol is quite common as Lewis Carroll well knew and it is from this that we derive superstitions about the loss of ‘teeth’ – this means a death – one of the cones has gone and in a sense, the egg has lost one of the parts of the ‘wall’ in its defence  against chaos.  It is also where we get the symbolism of the tooth fairy from – the tooth fairy is our Higher spirit who looks after our ‘tooth – our cone of energy

Very infrequently, however, teeth can be a form of symbol that accompanies the Castle [a symbol of the Conscious and Subconscious plus the body].  The castle has 5/6 ‘outer gates’ that correspond to the 6 orifices – of the ears, eyes, nose and mouth. The teeth are thus a sort of extra defence related to speech.  Occasionally a person may see the castle surrounded by battlements of teeth………


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