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Cut out sex

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Introduction and description

This is not the same as chastity.  I have given this activity this name to get your attention [it obviously worked!]. 

Chastity is in effect, the repression of the sexual systems on a permanent basis.  It is an attempt to quell an autonomic system, which should serve to set alarm bells ringing in your mind straight away, because if the system is autonomic how can it be suppressed?

This activity aims to cut out all sexual activity on a temporary basis.  How long you choose to refrain from activity is up to you.  The objective is two fold

  • By abstinence you heighten the eventual effects when you do make love or practise any form of sexual technique [making love, peaking, sexual stimulation, sex magick etc].  In effect the emotion and feelings are much much stronger and thus serve to heighten the effects
  • You temporarily remove the existence of both  ‘threats' and ‘opportunities' both stimuli that provoke the Will into action.


Many religions – Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam and so on have based much of the practises of their monks and nuns on Repression.  Complete sexual abstinence.

But, Hindus and martial arts practitioners, numerous shamanic cultures and the more enlightened religions, did not and do not practise complete sexual abstinence, but what they do do, which is more fascinating is that they save the energy up for channelling in a specific set of sexual techniques – so the natural systems are used, not suppressed.  The objective is not to go too long, although clearly occasionally this lesson was not understood that well.......

Philosophies of India – Dr Heinrich Zimmer [edited by Joseph Campbell]
Whenever Indra, the jealous king of the gods, feels that his cosmic sovereignty is being jeopardised by the increase of some ascetic’s spiritual power, he sends a heavenly damsel, incredibly beautiful, to intoxicate the senses of the spiritual athlete.  If she succeeds, the saint, in a sublime night or even eon of passion, pours away the whole charge of psychophysical force that he has spent his lifetime striving to accumulate.  The consequence for the world, then, is the birth in due time of a child of fabulous endowments, and for the holy man, the wreckage of his power project

Similarly shamans tend to temporarily abstain from sex, not permanently, but temporarily in order to store up the natural energy that accumulates from this system.  Most shamans have partners and as such the rest of the time live a ‘normal life’.

There are extremely strict rules in some shamanic societies, for example,  regarding the shaman – but where healing is not ‘on call’, but organised, they only refrain from sex for several days before spiritual experience, not all the time.   Many spiritual healers refrain from sex before they heal. 


Very simple. No sex for however long you have decided to abstain ready for the sexual techniques themselves.

Easy eh? [I joke of course]

How long?

The length of time for which one abstains depends to a large extent on how long it takes to conserve and store up a large amount of sexual energy. The objective is to get yourself to fever pitch so that emotionally you are on an absolute roller coaster of a ride of emotion and longing for your partner. You need the high emotion because although it may appear that we have wandered into the world of overload, all sexual techniques start with overload and then finish by suppression - release. In effect, all the sexual techniques work by a combination of extremely heightened emotion followed by a sudden release and the consequent quelling of all reason, memory and ego - the ultimate ego-loss experience. [more effective than any drugs].

As such one waits as long as it takes to generate extremely high emotion - a longing for your partner of almost unimaginable intensity. For example:

Low sex drive - There are those who are naturally ‘blessed’ with very low levels of testosterone or the female equivalent hormones. They naturally have no sex drive. They may have to wait for ages to generate the necessary emotion.


Old and ill - There are those who are old or ill, where all thoughts of sex have gone ages ago. The sexual systems simply send no messages naturally, they have given up because the person is too old or ill to sire any more children and as such their work is done. So for these people – a long long time is needed. The longer you wait the better.

The hurt in love - There are those who have been terribly terribly hurt by a love affair.  So devastated are they by the effects it has had on them that they never ever want to go near a man [it is normally a man, though some sensitive men can feel this way after a failed love affair with a woman or another man] again.  They have no sex drive because their whole system is telling them that sex produces hurt of unimaginable severity.  Again, this is not necessarily a good state to be in [and it may only be temporary], but whilst there is no sex drive, you are going to have to wait until it comes back.  

The rest of you - An autonomic system is by definition autonomic, we have no control of the autonomic system.  The functions of being hungry, being thirsty, are part of this system, but the key system is the sex urge, so getting this right is key.
Only you can judge the length of time needed. 

Gerald Heard’s energy system, the Troubadors, the Sufis, the Sex Magick of Aleister Crowley, the Shinto system, the Qigong system, the Hindu and yoga system – all are geared towards using rather than fighting what is uncontrollable and natural but doing so via periods of abstinence.

Some men have the testosterone levels of a fruit fly.  But most don’t.  There are a vast number [certainly all the men I know] who have not lost the drive, will never lose the drive,  and would consider the thought of giving up for any length of time to be laughable because it is a large part of who they are and how they perceive themselves.  So only do what works given the objective

Never ever sink into the realms of Repression. Does repression produce spiritual experiences?  No hardly ever. 

Given that Repression creates aggression, if I was a leader of men and wished to banish war, I would open a vast chain of carefully managed brothels where the women were cared for and protected and the men could vent all this built up energy in a peaceful way.  Luther and the Pope have a lot to answer for. 

In essence

Remember that the decision on how long you go is with you.   It is no use sitting on the fence as it were, you have to decide what sort of person you are naturally and go the right route.

If you think very little about sex, or have the testosterone levels or drive of a small prune, then you can wait for ages.  If you are old or sick, you may need to wait the same length of time.  But you really do have to understand yourself. 

Test yourself by placing in front of you the one thing that always in your life had some effect.  A girl with enormous knockers, or a picture of a lass with a huge bum pointed in your direction, or the picture of someone being spanked – anything like this – test yourself out.


If whatever used to turn you on,  turns you on in a major way almost immediately channel it, don’t fight it.  Use it to build up the emotions, but don't wait too long to release them!

In testing yourself, remember the dangers and effects of repression are real and can be catastrophic,  repression can make you ill.  Van Ruysbroeck was ill for much of his life.

So it is ‘horses for courses’.

How it works

It doesn't by itself.

You have to combine it with all the sexual techniques making love, peaking, sexual stimulation, sex magick etc.  In effect, this activity serves to heighten the emotion and feelings and thus serve to heighten the effects when these activities are performed.


Temporary abstinence works.


Difficult to know how long to wait, don't make yourself ill

References and further reading

Pain, Sex and Time – Gerald Heard


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