Symbols - What does heaven look like

World map

The World Map is a spiritual map, attempting to show the layout of the Egg, an early version of which was called a T-O map.  Generally speaking the majority of 'views' were as though one were positioned outside the Egg looking at the surface.

I have provided my own version of the Map of the Egg as best I can deduce it, but all the maps I have as observations are similar attempts.

World maps  are marked out by the fact that they show round their borders such aspects as the four winds, the other rings in the Egg, Water symbolically shown, Air symbolically shown, Fire symbolically shown, angels or other spiritual beings.  Furthermore they are nearly always Egg shaped.

An attempt at a physical geographic map has none of these things, it will attempt to be rectangular, it will show scale and distance, there will be no spiritual symbols, places will be shown as places not as symbols [castles, mounds , mountains etc].  It will also generally show North at the top.  A spiritual map shows East – the Orient at the top for the reason I explained in the section on the Hourglass – you orient yourself through the central pole of the egg and the orient is where the Creator and Created are.


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