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Hugh Brody – Maps and Dreams - Mapping the Egg



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Hugh Brody – Maps and Dreams

How can we know the general direction we should follow?  How can anyone who has not dreamed the whole route begin to locate himself on such a map?  When Joseph or any of the other men began to draw a hunting map, he had first to find his way.  He did this by recognising the features, by fixing points of reference and then once he was oriented to the familiar and to the scale or manner in which the familiar was reproduced, he could begin to add his own layers of detailed information.

But how can anyone begin to find a way on a map of trails to heaven?

The route to heaven is not wholly unfamiliar, however.  As it happens, heaven is to one side of, and at the same level as the point where the trails to animals all meet.  Many men know where this point is, or at least  of its approach trails, from their own hunting dreams.  Hunters can in this way find a basic reference and once they realise that heaven is in a particular relation to this far more familiar centre, the map as a whole can be read

The discoveries of the very few most powerful dreamers – and some of the dreamers have been women – are periodically made available to everyone.

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