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4.3. The strength of the attributes

We have allocated attributes both positive and negative, so that the person can do the tasks allocated to them on the Great Work, but all the attributes at the moment appear to have equal weight. 

But in any project or task, some attributes need to be much much stronger than others.  A person may need inordinate amounts of courage say or extraordinary degrees of will power and perseverance lasting years. 

In the chart I have added two red lines, one dotted and one not, with the words ascending and descending.  Michel Gauquelin discovered in his scientific studies that the Intensity of an attribute is dependent on how close the ‘Planets’ [the archetypes]  were to this line.  If they were near the line on the ascending side [going up]  or near the line on the descending side [going down] the Intensity of the attributes was particularly strong.  If they were near the dotted line [still going round clockwise] near the ascendant or near the dotted line at the descendant then again, although the intensity was not as great it was at the ‘horizon’ it was still that little bit higher than in the other segments.  The following is an extract from his book ‘The Spheres of destiny’.

This may all sound like double dutch for anyone who has not ever asked for their birth chart, but all birth charts show the line of ascendant and descendant and what are called culmination points which are at 90 degrees to the ascendent and descendant.

Now in the example, the person has two planets near the ascendant – Neptune and Mars.

If we have a look at the attributes for NEPTUNE, we find that there are, as always both positive and negative attributes.  So let us assume from this list that we allocate the person the following very strong attributes, with the understanding that with the good comes the not so good [I’ve only shown a selection for demonstration purposes]:

  • Compassionate,  sympathetic, humane, understanding, warm hearted, Sensitive to others, empathetic       
  • Sensuous        
  • Touchy, over-sensitive, thin-skinned, hypersensitive
  • Sentimental, romantic
  • Addictive, obsessive, compulsive,  neurotic 
  • Freedom loving, seeker after freedom          
  • Dishonest, deceitful, double-dealing, duplicitous  two-faced, double-faced, double-tongued, Oblique, evasive, secretive
  • Idealistic        
  • Imaginative and Intuitive       
  • Open minded, flexible, adaptable, receptive to change, accepting of change
  • Spiritual, devotional, ecstatic, transcendental
  • Versatile, will initiate change 
  • Undisciplined, uncontrollable
  • Subtle has finesse [in speech]

All these remember are now very strong and can kick in at any time.  They were allocated so that the person can do the task that is ‘Operational and supportive’ in nature, but they can be used at any time by the person and may kick in at any time too.  Just imagine an obsessive sensuous, addictive, dishonest, secretive and uncontrollable Dark Moon character and you have a sort of time bomb of a person waiting to happen

Now let us look at the MARSattributes.  Again, I will show only a selection to demonstrate the point

  • Assertive, strong,  powerful
  • Candid, frank, straightforward, direct
  • Trenchant, wilful
  • Determined, Resolute, Firm   
  • Active, vital, full of life         
  • Unforgiving, unmerciful
  • Competitive   
  • Confident, assured, self confidant, assertive
  • Dissipated, debauched, degenerate, dissolute, libertine, profligate,  fast, permissive, promiscuous, licentious
  • Dynamic
  • Impatient , Quick tempered
  • Energetic, indefatigable, tireless,  frenetic
  • Fearless, bold,  brave courageous,
  • Independent   
  • Self centred,
  • strong, relentless, unstoppable, implacable, a fighter

Now what should strike you about the list is that they appear to apparently contradict the Neptune characteristics.  But what we are seeing is the reality of a complex pesonality, who can be both hugely unforgiving and merciful at one point, quick tempered and impatient and compassionate and warm hearted at other times.  This person can be open minded one moment and absolutely intransigent the next.  An imaginative fighter and a sensitive unstoppable fighter the next.  They do exist ... a lot.

And also think of the combination and the dangers of an obsessive sensuous, addictive, dishonest, secretive and uncontrollable; dissipated, debauched, degenerate, dissolute, libertine, profligate,  fast, permissive, promiscuous, and licentious [Dark Moon] and you have a person who could either self destruct or completely finish off other people – if they want to go that route of course.  We all have free will.