2.2. A challenge can last many lifetimes

A challenge can last many life times and be taken up by a number of people – not just the same soul reincarnated.  Some of these may be living at the same time and their paths cross in what Jung might describe as synchronicity.

This is shown diagramatically below as an example.  The overall challenge is broken down into 5 tasks where tasks 1, 2 and 3 are allocated to one soul and tasks 4 and 5 to another.  This challenge will take Person A 3 incarnations to fulfil and they will see the final objective being met.  Person B will achieve their portion of the challenge in only two lifetimes and will never actually see the final challenge to completion.  This is the nature of the Great Work – in fact most plans on this sort of scale.  We are but a small part of the overall project, and though our role may still be key – a supporter of Person A or facilitator, or trainer – we may die before the final outcome is ever known.