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3. Allocating resources

In the last step we saw that there is an overall plan for the stages of  this project – the Great Work. 

The next stage is the allocation of who or what  is going to do each actual task, and what other resources are needed for them to be able to do it. 

So we might have one person allocated to be responsible for the task, but she may need help – the support of a cleaner, cook, gardener, accountant, hairdresser, beautician, acupuncturist, doctor, web designer and dog, - to do the task.  Not to mention a computer, word processing software, web software and Dropbox.  All making sure the person has the time and is in a fit state to be able to do the task.

So as you can see every person has a role, even in the most important projects.

Below we can see the same simple diagram with some actual tasks and the order in which they have to occur, but this time with the resources allocated.  I haven’t shown all the support resources as it would make the diagram too complicated.


How are these people selected? 

We know the type of task from the Method , we need to select people with the right characteristics to be able to do that task.  If they haven’t got the experience then we will need to train them and give them some additional training experience, but ultimately the choice is made on what they are good at – their Personality.  It is also somewhat affected by karma.

To each person there will appear to be no plan at all.  Life will just seem to be a rather random series of training periods and occasional moments of quite inexplicable experience, some nice, some not, followed by something that is quite rewarding but appears to have no obvious use. 

And this is the way the Grand Plan seems to everyone – until you maybe look back on your life and see the pattern that emerged.  And your role may have been very tiny and one you never realised was important.

You lent a book to someone which turned out to be the vital clue in their task, you performed a routine operation on someone who subsequently went on to ‘save the whale’.  You cleaned the house of someone who was overwhelmed with the task they faced and had no time to clean or do the washing, you cooked the meals of someone who had no time to eat or cook properly, you phoned a person up and gave them support at the times when they were at a very low ebb and almost on the point of giving up this marathon task they had been given.

So everyone is important, no one really understands it all, but there is a plan.

The name often given to each actual task given a person or group of people is the Challenge