8. So why are we here?

Why are we here?  Because we have been allocated one or more actual tasks -  Challenges -  in the Great Work.

The tasks may be very simple ‘support’ role tasks, or they may be very major development-like tasks, but every task will be key.  Even butterflies can create hurricanes.  Even giving birth to a baby can produce a potential inventor or artist or musician or the person who makes the vital phone call that saves the whale.

We have Free Will, so we decide [along with everything else] how we are going to tackle our part of the plan.  We can ignore the plan of course but it appears that most mystics believe that if we do – if we ignore our destiny  - we get reincarnated.

Thus reincarnation is the lot of those who do not fulfil their destiny – their part in the Great Work.

It is not the individual personalities in a sense that matter.  Each of us was born with specific traits to do a job, the sum total of all of us then represents a far far greater whole – the ability to do untold marvels because we have, as it were, been purpose made to fulfil our role.  Pieces in a vast jigsaw of life.

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