7.2.4. REBIRTH

At this point things get much much tougher.  Up to now in relative terms we have been coasting, it may have seemed like hard work, but in general the work was actually quite enjoyable, it never tested our courage too much or attacked our concept of who we were or in any way undermined our belief in ourselves. 

From this point – the dark night of the soul  – we can expect to be very very sorely tried and tested.  In the 24 hour system of counting the stages this stage comes at midnight – the midnight hour!

Rebirth is a distinct and totally terrifying spiritual experience – one in which you have absolutely no control and one in which what happens can be utterly traumatic.

It is only given by the composer to those on the spiritual path, and only to those who have a destiny to do something needful of a ‘software rewrite’ in other words a complete reorganisation,  deletion and defragging of their system!  It normally means they have a destiny which requires them to be a good bit more robust and better organised spiritually than they are.

There is a slow but subtle lead in to the process so you are usually forewarned, but not always.  Once it starts there is no way you can stop it.  Furthermore the end result is truly a new you.

I will leave it at that, don’t want to frighten you too much, it may never happen.


Drinks of the fountain
Meets the king and queen
The bedfellows trick of the maidens
Procession to a performance of the play
The promise before the altar
Wedding execution
Sees soul flames over the lake


Born again