2. Making the Plan

Every project is different and Creation and Destruction involves millions of subprojects that are each part of the Grand Plan – the Great Work.  

The analogy

When a plan for a project is drawn up, the Method activities are used as a blueprint for the sorts of tasks that mustn’t be forgotten, along with their dependencies.  But what is created is a dependency diagram that shows actual tasks and their sequence.  Below we can see a very simple diagram with some actual tasks and the order in which they have to occur.


Mystics believe that the Creator’s plan has already been worked out, in effect, the Creator has worked out what is going to happen – not to the fine detail  - but in strategic terms. 

So the Creation [the Created] has not been created yet, but the plan as to how it is going to be created has.  I hope you can see the subtle distinction.

Analogously, if we are going to build a computer system  [the Created] , we may make a plan as to how we are going to do it, with all the tasks on it  – analysis, design, procurement, construction, testing, implementation and then maintenance and further evolution – but this plan shows how we are going to develop the system and is not the system itself.