Symbols - What does heaven look like


The goose takes on the symbolism of all birds, but a goose, because of its very long migratory journeys and ability to fly very high is a spiritual traveller of considerable talent.  The term goose was nearly always reserved for someone who was well advanced on the spiritual path or who was shamanically of very high ability.

The symbolism was used extensively in those countries where geese made their appearance regularly – Siberia, Norse and Inuit cultures, North America and even as far away as India.

Philosophies of India – Dr Heinrich Zimmer [edited by Joseph Campbell]
The Brahman pilgrim-mendicant has always been likened to the wild goose or swan (hamsa) which has no fixed home but wanders, migrating with the rain clouds north to the Himalayas and back south again, at home on every lake or sheet of water, as also in the infinite, unbounded reaches of the sky

The goose is both a bird of water and of the air. Thus it can go up and down the levels and layers.  But it can also travel round the Egg. As a bird able to fly across mountains additional symbolism can be added here.


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