Symbols - What does heaven look like


In Egyptian hieroglyphs, the sign of the arm stood for activity in general, thus in a sense the more arms you have symbolically the more activity you are capable of.  If we put this another way, the more arms you have the more functions you have and thus the more powerful you are.

All spirit entities are types of thing, classes of thing, defined by the functions they have.  The universe is a huge set of classes of objects with very specific behaviour – functions.  These Intelligences and Spirit beings are organised into a hierarchy with gradually increasing function.

This means that symbolically the higher up the Intelligence hierarchy one gets - and thus the more powerful functionally a class is - the more 'arms' it will symbolicaly receive until at the top of the hierarchy, it will look like a caterpillar on steroids.

This is why Hindu gods have numerous arms, they are functionally a great deal more powerful than we are.





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