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Category: Illness or disabilities



Introduction and description


The mechanisms and general description for anorexia is covered in the section on Nutritional deprivation.

Anorexia (deriving from the Greek "α(ν)-" (a(n)-, a prefix that denotes absence) + "όρεξη" (orexe) = appetite) is the decreased sensation of appetite. Or if we put it simply, not wanting to eat anymore, or not wanting to eat much.

The medical community have added an extra classification within this overall category called Anorexia nervosa.  They define it as “an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction, inappropriate eating habits or rituals, obsession with having a thin figure, and an irrational fear of weight gain”, which as a definition leaves a lot to be desired, as it is subjective ‘irrational fear’[who is to say it is irrational] and judgemental ‘immoderate food restriction’ [who decides what is immoderate] and somewhat cruel, as it concentrates on the effects – the symptoms and not the causes. 

Yes ... young men too.......

Given the way food is processed, the toxins, the pesticides, the insecticides and the unnecessary additives that get into food, it is a miracle that anyone these days wants to eat anything.  One little lass I knew restricted her diet to red peppers, raw carrots [organic] sweetcorn [organic] and apples [organic].  She lacked protein so the first step was to help her find a source of protein that was unadulterated.  We did – nuts and local chicken.  Many children are well aware of the adulteration that takes place to our food, they are not anorexic they are well informed and careful, but hungry!


There is, as we shall see from the causes, a strong emotional element in anorexia, but many of these young people are bombarded on a daily basis with advice about what to eat, what is healthy, what is good, what is bad - it isn't helpful and most of it is wrong. 

As long as the food is organic [no toxins], natural [that is not a man-made chemical invention], eaten in moderation, with plenty of variety and balance, it is all good.  There is nothing wrong with cholesterol or fats, carbohydrates or meat, acid or alkaline.  Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, eggs - all good.

When I was young none of this analysis of food existed, we had only just begun to take in the idea that food had vitamins.  And anorexia and obesity barely existed.  Hunger did, but not hunger that was voluntary.  Many anorexics are very hungry, but being people of iron will and often very bright, they find ways of diverting themselves with activity and pointless pursuits, or hyperactivity, to take their minds off the fact they are hungry.  Their apparently obsessive behaviour is nothing of the sort - they are diverting themselves by activity, activity, activity.



The most obvious symptom of someone with anorexia is that they lose weight - body mass - fat, muscle and even bone. Their teeth may suffer, they may even in extreme cases fall out.  Hair may thin and become brittle.  They may look very pale and sunken cheeked, their eyes may appear to pop out of their heads, because their face is skeletal in appearance.

On the whole they will be very tired most of the time

Internally, because they are or can be nutritionally deprived, all sorts of damage may be being done to organs which is never seen [and rarely checked either].   Periods usually stop in girls and women.

As they are nutritionally deprived, they will not be getting enough calories to keep warm, so they will be constantly cold and shivery.

As they are nutritionally deprived their immune system will be depressed and they will be a constant target of viruses, bacteria, parasites and so on.

An anorexic person is a nutritionally deprived person and a nutritionally deprived person is actually dying – slowly – but they are dying, because input of food is not enough to maintain them.




Extreme emotion

Despite the fact that the physiological cause behind each case of anorexia nervosa is different, the most common theme seen across the board is the element of self-control. The underlying cause behind the disorder is rarely about the food itself; it is about the individual attempting to gain complete control over an aspect of their lives, in order to prove themselves, and distract them from another aspect of their lives they wish they could control. For example, a child with a destructive family life who restricts food intake in order to compensate for the chaos occurring at home.

People of any age who feel trapped in a situation causing them unbelievable unhappiness, misery of an unimaginable magnitude, also very often give up wanting to live. 

They would not contemplate suicide, but the will to live has gone and thus the will to eat goes.  Grief, rejection, feeling unloved and unwanted, constant criticism, all have their effects.  Some adults and children decide to eat themselves to extinction, some starve themselves to extinction. 

wash away the hurt.......

Obesity and anorexia both are expressions of despair.  Any number of types of despair can be the cause

It makes me somewhat annoyed to hear that old chestnut being wheeled out over this as well - it is 'attention seeking behaviour'.  It rarely is, but if it is, what does that say about the people round them - that they have to go to these lengths to get anyone to notice they are in trouble? 


A psychiatrist is hardly ever told the real reasons by a well informed child or adult.  Children are far more clued up about the motivations of the medical profession than adults.  They know that a psychiatrist will not help, they will prescribe drugs, and any child [or adult] who has chosen the route of starvation, will simply lie, in order to ensure they do not get any drugs. 

The only way to help anyone in this situation is to tackle the root cause, help them find a way out.  They don't need a psychiatrist they need a route planner!! 

You have to give them hope, not too many hugs, because they have to be able to help themselves, and talk them through their problems.  Help them find a solution and a way to get there.  Suppression activities help.  Meanwhile put a bag of raisins and mixed nuts on the table while you do, or a bag of vegetable crisps and some raw carrot sticks.  Nice nibbles, so they nibble as you find the stairs out of their abyss.

Bacteria, parasites, viruses

In some cases, the cause of a person becoming anorexic is not a form of voluntary fasting, it is infection by a bacteria or parasite, virus or even fungi, which can cause the person to not want to eat or lose their appetite.  There is thus the need to find out whether the person is simply choosing not to eat [for emotional reasons] or is actually being attacked by a pathogen ..........


In some cases, anorexia nervosa may arise after infection with Streptococcus species bacteria. Anorexia (which is distinct from anorexia nervosa) is associated with the protozoan parasite Dientamoeba fragilis.

There are far more pathogens than one ever realises that can cause a loss of appetite.  Parasites almost universally cause anorexia, thus any loss of appetite that is not emotional is extremely serious.


Leonard Cohen "I don't like your fashion business mister
And I don't like these drugs that keep you thin
I don't like what happened to my sister
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin"

It is not commonly recognised that a very large number of prescribed pharmaceuticals can cause anorexia.

The eHealthme site collects the Adverse Drug reports submitted by doctors to the FDA and SEDA in the USA.  It then summarises them for ease of use.  We originally provided a direct link to the Anorexia section listed on the eHealthme site and the pharmaceuticals that can cause it, but the eHealthme website developers frequently reorganise the site and thus break the links.  Thus in order to find out which pharmaceuticals are implicated in Anorexia:

  • Follow the LINK to the eHealthme website
  • Using the ‘All conditions’ index find the appropriate entry.  There is an entry for anorexia, but the one that appears to have more data is 'weight loss'
  • Now scroll down until you get to the section marked ‘Drugs that could cause

The list shows you all the drugs implicated in CAUSING Anorexia [or Weight loss] as well as the number of people who have made a complaint to their doctor and had their case reported by him.  Note that it is up to the doctor whether he reports or not.

As of October 2016, about 1,500 pharmaceuticals were in this list.

Some of them are over the counter 'medicines'.  Then there are the ACE inhibitors and beta blockers and of course the statins, but then we find statins in just about every list of causes of illness.

As Vaccines often contain live viruses, vaccines can cause anorexia too - temporary and permanent, for reasons which may become clearer if you read the section on vaccines.  One problem with vaccines is that they can produce food allergies, as such a person may suddenly find they can eat very few foods without feeling ill, so gradually they eat less and less.



Toxins of all sorts cause various forms of organ failure from the lungs to the heart, from the pancreas to the brain.  There is not an organ in our bodies that is not susceptible to toxin damage, including heavy metal poisoning - lead and mercury - and the huge damage done by nanoparticles.  And one of the side-effects of organ damage is a loss of appetite, simply because the body can no longer process nutrients properly.

Rather than choose an example from those I have used in other illnesses of insecticides and pesticides, I have chosen a bizarre example for a change.

Paradichlorobenzene (PDB) is an aromatic compound found in several household insect repellents [notably moth balls] and deodorizers. It can cause dependence  when inhaled and brain damage. Dependence after inhalation has led to ingestion.  Presumably they are so addicted and the person's brain is so damaged, they crave the effects so much, they resort to a sort of frantic toxin eating spree .

Not the lass described in the paper, this lass is a 'model'

A 40-year-old woman with a history of ..... hypertension, depression and anxiety with panic attacks was admitted to the emergency room at the request of her primary physician owing to progressive decline in her mental status associated with anorexia and generalised pruritic skin rashes. ..... MRI of the brain during her ....hospital admission showed diffuse periventricular and white matter disease. This prompted further questioning of family members which revealed chronic ingestion of mothballs and toilet cakes containing paradichlorobenzene in the patient leading to toxin-induced leucoencephalopathy consistent with her neurological symptoms of altered mental status, ataxic gait, cogwheel rigidity in the arms and characteristic skin rashes. ... PMID: 23608871

Extreme, unusual but it demonstrates that sometimes anorexia has some very odd causes. 



If you are depriving yourself or are being deprived of oxygen, one of the key ingredients in the metabolism of food into energy is missing.  Thus oxygen starvation, by whatever means, can lead to anorexia.  Here are some examples of hypoxia inducing activities

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning -  from faulty equipment, faulty stoves, leaking car exhausts.  If the person is also starting to get hallucinations too, the carbon  monoxide may be to blame
  • Erotic asphyxiation
  • Smoke inhalation - Smoke inhalation can be caused by air pollution, in which case the toxins in the air may be having more effect than the lack of oxygen, but one should not forget smoking itself which is a combination of toxins [smoke] and oxygen deprivation with the addition of nicotine to make it more 'pleasurable.  Smokers lose weight and appetite, and when they stop they gain wait because their appetite returns.  Chronic smokers can be very nutritionally deprived
  • Inhaling volatiles and gases - for example  'glue sniffing'.  Glue sniffers are often very very thin and nutritionally deprived.  But then glue sniffers often sniff glue for the same reasons as anorexics stop eating.
  • Smudge sticks -  and joss sticks and other smoke burning substances
  • The fainting game

 Physical trauma - Hurt [physical]

Malissa Jones, who dropped from 32st to 8st,
is now anorexic following her gastric band

Physical hurt can lead to organ damage, and if an organ is damaged it may impact whether food can be processed or not. 

Surgeons using so called 'gastric bands' are in effect causing physical hurt by removing the capacity of the gastrointestinal tract to process food. 

But of course if they do this, since the body is designed to process nutrients using the full length of the intestine, we will become nutritionally deprived as a consequence of the surgical treatment. 

So obese people [who in some cases have a subconscious wish to die and are eating themselves to death],  who are then given a gastric by-pass, will eventually die anyway from anorexia and nutritional deprivation.  The removal of the gall bladder can have much the same effect - bile is an essential part of food processing.

No boobs, no curves, no waist, none of this is done to attract men ...


This is deliberate hurt by a surgeon, but there is also accidental hurt which, again, may affect any one of the organs which process food, examples include

 Radiation and resonance

All radiation whether 'cosmic' or electromagnetic impacts our bodies and depending on its frequency it resonates different parts of us.  The reason that nuclear radiation

keira knightley

is so dangerous is that it impacts cells, but what we appear to have overlooked is that all radiation impacts some part of us.

Every aggregate in our bodies - organs, cells, the body itself, has natural ‘resonance’.  Resonance is a substance’s natural tendency to oscillate – vibrate – at maximum amplitude at certain frequencies, known as the thing’s resonant frequency.

And long term exposure at the resonating frequency, or short term high intensity exposure to the resonating frequency of cells in organs leads to their death.  Thus there are two possibilities why anorexia can be caused by radiation.

  • Brain damage - The radiation damages the organ in the brain that controls and moderates our appetite.  One of those organs is the thyroid, thus we may find that an anorexic person has a damaged thyroid and has become hyperactive as a result.  Hormonal output from the thyroid is regulated by thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) produced by the anterior pituitary, which itself is regulated by thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) produced by the hypothalamus.  Again, damage done to these two organs by resonance could affect the appetite.
  • Gastro-intestinal damage - damage to any of the organs in the overall food processing system, which includes the gastrointestinal system and the liver and kidney, could result in anorexia.

Examples of the sorts of surprising things that can cause resonance and have been known to both damage organs and produce anorexia  include:


Find the cause of the problem from those above.

If the cause is not emotional, then treat the cause -  stop the pharmaceuticals, get away from the radiation source, try to eradicate the parasites etc.  One of my good friends almost halved her weight and became truly ill as a result of eating filet americain from a supermarket [raw chopped meat with egg and onions] which clearly was infested with threadworms or tapeworms.

probably all untrue........ trash magazines.....

If the cause is emotional and your family is not the problem,  then  you can be the cure by loving, supporting, talking through and helping the person find a way out - an escape route.  If you as a family are the problem, friends may be able to help or a psychotherapist - not a psychoanalyst, they will only prescribe drugs.  Doctors will not help either as they will simply frighten the person and send them to a psychiatrist.  People are NOT repeat NOT mentally ill if they are desperately unhappy.  They are desperately unhappy and all they need is more love, support and guidance from people they respect, trust and who care about them.  It is incidentally, a damning, truly damning reflection of the family environments and societies we have created that there should be anorexic or obese people at all in our midst. A sick society produces sick peope and a very sick society produces a lot of very sick people.

trash comics........


  • Remove the scales, bathroom or otherwise from the house  - throw them away.
  • Gradually remove all womens' and fashion magazines or trash magazines from the house, replace with garden magazines, or cookery books - like Jamie Oliver's, for example.  Get the person to help with the cooking - they choose the recipes, they eat with you, don't talk about food, talk about them and what they have been doing.  If the meal they make is good praise them.
  • Throw the TV away and put good novels and poetry books or 'uplifting' kindly, non violent and non trashy DVDs in their place.  Fill the house with gentle soothing music.
  • Leave healthy snacks lying round the house in accessible places - nuts, seeds, raisins, apples, bananas, oranges, organic vegetable crisps [chips], date, fruit and nut bars, fresh vegetable sticks with 'dips' made of cheese and cream.  No sugary stuff, as much vitamin packed food as possible.  Peanut butter or nut butter on celery works well, as does cottage cheese in baby tomates or red peppers.  These help boost the immune system.
  • Move on to three small portion highly nutritious meals per day and a bedtime snack - leave the snacks described above out all the time.  Eventually you may be able to move onto three normal [moderate that is] sized meals - all having high nutritional value and all organic -  per day.  The bedtime snack can then be optional - a hot chocolate made with full cream milk, cocoa powder and honey helps the immune system and promotes sleep - a great healer .
  • Select as many activities from the suppression section of this site in which to involve the person as they are able to perform.  All the activites are designed to soothe and calm and a soothed calmed person is no longer bothered about their weight and  also starts to realise there is a reason for living.  Loving dogs help



How it works

Dead, every one............

People may get hallucinations, visions and near death experiences from anorexia.  A rather alarming number get actual death experiences.

It is all caused by nutritional deprivation and the organ damage that results.










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