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Mary of Oignes - Hallucinates 'angels'



Type of Spiritual Experience

Near death

Number of hallucinations: 1


Mary was given what she wanted to see.  The composer presumably reconstructed for her the images she might have seen in church iconography.  As it is extremely rare in genuine visions for the hallucinations to speak if they are ‘Intelligences, there is no way Mary actually would have known who or what the images were of.  She was given what comforted her.  The sensory overloading was so high that she was probably permanently open to input from the composer function.

A description of the experience

The Life of Saint Mary of Oignes

When she refreshed her body in the evening or at night by taking a little bread and water in her cell… holy angels stood and watched over her frugal supper…. And they moved up and down as though through a bright window.  And their presence gave her such comfort and joy of spirit that the spiritual sweetness surpassed any delicious taste.  St John the Evangelist, whom she loved with particular devotion also sometimes came to her table while she was eating……

The saints who had often stood beside her when she was well, visited her more often when she was sick….. among the other St Andrew the apostle often came to her, comforting her greatly and making her seem not to feel the pain of her sickness and holy angels stood by her and served her devotedly.

The source of the experience

Mary of Oignes

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