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The Ceasing of Notions – 05 The limiting effect of the 5 senses



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The Ceasing of Notions [or the Treatise on the Transcendence of Cognition]

18.  Emmon asks ‘The ordinary person has a body; he sees, hears, feels and knows.  The Buddha also has a body and sees, hears feels and knows.  How then do they differ?'

Master Nyuri answers: ’The ordinary man sees with his eyes, hears with his ears, feels with his body and knows with his heart.  But this is not so with the Buddha.
With him seeing is not seeing with the eyes and knowing is not knowing with the heart.
Because it is all beyond limitations'.


19.  Emmon  ‘Why then is it said in the scriptures that the Buddha neither sees, nor hears, nor feels, nor knows?'

Master Nyuri:  'The seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing of a buddha is not that of the common man.  But that does not mean that for him the world of perceptions does not exist; it only means that it is not limited by pairs of opposites such as being and not being, having and not having - and so is beyond all value judgements.'

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