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David Roberts - Islands, rivers and sacred ways

Sites chosen for temples and sanctuaries in Ancient Egypt, followed the symbolism of sacred geography, using islands, fountains, streams and rivers, bridges as well as a number of other water sites.


Where boats are shown in wall paintings etc, they are symbolic and rarely literal in meaning. 

This is the more obvious when one sees masts and sails attached to no boats and boats apparently floating in the air among the stars, or of a shape that could never float - usually Moon shape - taking on the symbolism of the Sun and Moon - the Moon as carrier of souls.


Although many sites are today stranded in the middle of the desert, at one time the Nile passed them by.  The sphinx, for example, was once almost surrounded by water.  As such, there is every reason to believe that water symbolism was extensively incorporated into many of the ancient sites.

The second stage of the initiation into the Mysteries is based in part on symbolic purification and water formed a major part of the rites connected with it.


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