Spiritual concepts


A group of souls and Higher spirits that have been grouped together for the purposes of achieving a challenge.  Thus a team is a way of grouping resources to achieve the Great Work. 

The team may contain both ‘incarnate’ living people, animals and other creatures [a dog can be part of a team, as can a cat]  and non-incarnate spirits that can be spirit beings or Intelligences, or disembodied souls or Higher spirits. There may be members of the team that have never been incarnate.

This group is not a permanent set of spirits but a group in flux thus members will come and  go depending on the task.  But it is possible that certain Higher spirits are as it were 'soul-mates'  - souls that are linked closely with us spiritually and with whom we have shared tasks over many incarnations.

Teams appear to have one Intelligence responsible for the challenge – a sort of project manager, if you want to use an analogy.  I use the word Intelligence advisedly because in all the observations there is no indication of anything other than an Intelligence being given this role.

Depending on the nature of the challenge these teams may contain 20 souls, 100 souls even 1000s of souls – the number is never fixed.  It can vary over time and contain both non-incarnate and incarnate souls.  All souls in the group share a common consciousness or more correctly 'unconscious', as they may not be consciously aware of the bond.


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