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Vaughan, Dr Alan – Key events of life appear in dreams often years in advance, woven ln an intricate web of time



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Patterns of Prophecy – Alan Vaughan

In the dream records of Christine Mylius and myself, key events of life appear in dreams often years in advance, woven ln an intricate web of time with major and minor themes that are repeated with variations.

These individual patterns of life that I call individual archetypes surpass in complexity the fugues of Bach and together make up a person's "blueprint" of life, which in turn is part of a larger pattern.

An analogy might be made with blueprints for a house. Each room might be considered analogous with an individual archetype. Every house has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and so on, though the arrangement of them is different in every blueprint. The way the rooms are to be furnished would be analogous to the individual's own arena of choice. In some cases, the individual might be able to alter the blueprint if he found it did not suit him; but once the builders have begun to construct the house, making alterations becomes very expensive.

The archetypal roles, once activated, tend toward completion. Some people move into prefabricated houses, giving little thought of designing things to suit themselves. Their choices are made all at once. The group of houses together make up a community that interacts on a higher level.

The communities form cities, the cities form states, the states form countries, and so on to the complete universe. The people living in houses may think that these arrangements are at random. But if someone flies overhead in an airplane, he can quickly spot the highly organized patterns of human habitation. After seeing one town from the air he might be able to predict what the next town will look like.

In the same way, from the vantage point of another dimension, the sensitive can see the patterns of life, if only through a keyhole.

The analogy breaks down in one important point: life is not a static group of houses but a dynamic arena where archetypes struggle for supremacy. The arena is named Time, and the winner gets Tomorrow.

Groups of people seem to be drawn into common plans of action, each person’s inner "blueprint" dovetailing with that of the others in a synchronistic way that achieves a result greater than any one of them by himself could have accomplished. While a person may think chance coincidence is the cause for his becoming involved in this activity, the overall plan is highly organized, and that person has a place in it.


Our bodies are made up of countless  molecules, each one in turn part of a higher structure. If human beings were part of a cosmic plan so vast that by comparison a hydrogen atom in the toe would be as a human to the planet earth, then the human being would have no conception of his individual role in that vast organism.

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Vaughan, Dr Alan

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