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Faraday cage

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Introduction and description

A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure formed by conducting material or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks external static and non-static electric fields. Faraday cages are named after the English scientist Michael Faraday, who invented them in 1836.

A Faraday cage's operation depends on the fact that an external static electrical field will cause the electric charges within the cage's conducting material to redistribute themselves so as to cancel the field's effects in the cage's interior. This phenomenon is used, for example, to protect electronic equipment from lightning strikes and electrostatic discharges.  Faraday cages cannot block static and slowly varying magnetic fields, such as the Earth's magnetic field (a compass will still work inside). To a large degree, though, they shield the interior from external electromagnetic radiation if the conductor is thick enough and any holes are significantly smaller than the wavelength of the radiation.

The reception or transmission of radio waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation, to or from an antenna within a Faraday cage are heavily attenuated or blocked by a Faraday cage.


I am indebted to a friend of my husband - David B - who is a Buddhist monk, for his observation when visiting the roof of a well-known supermarket and finding an odd sort of cage structure there, that he felt a sense of extraordinary peace and tranquillity equal in effect to that produced from long hours of meditation.  I subsequently found another observation, tucked away in the Appendices of Andrija Puharich’s book.  Thank you David.

In other techniques on this website, which depend upon various forms of stimulation – sound, electrical, mechanical, and so on, the principle has been in each case that stimulation of organs of the brain and body can produce a spiritual experience.  This is achieved via function invocation – the function of an organ is initiated by either resonating the organ or via pressure points that trigger the function remotely.

We are constantly bombarded by sound and by electromagnetic energy all of which affect us.  But it is possible to obtain a spiritual experience by sensory deprivation and what a Faraday cage can do is protect us from sensory stimulation from electromagnetic influences.

The majority of day to day electromagnetic radiation to which we are subjected does not help us at all in our search for a spiritual experience.  It is always resonating something within us.  I have shown in the section on stimulation that there are quite a number of very low and very high frequencies that have serious effects on our health as such from a health point of view alone, protection in this way offers great benefits.  But being protected by a Faraday cage can do much more, it can give us the ‘still place’ needed to achieve complete sensory deprivation, as long as it is also organised to be calm, quiet and comfortable.


Find your Faraday cage!  Some examples….

Screen rooms - certain computer forensic test procedures of electronic systems that require an environment free of electromagnetic interference can be carried out within a screen room. These rooms are spaces that are completely enclosed by one or more layers of a fine metal mesh or perforated sheet metal. The metal layers are grounded in order to dissipate any electric currents generated from external or internal electromagnetic fields, and thus they block a large amount of the electromagnetic interference.

Faraday suits - Some linemen wear Faraday suits, which allow them to work on live, high voltage power lines without risk of electrocution. The suit prevents electrical current from flowing through the body, and has no theoretical voltage limit. Linemen have successfully worked even the highest voltage (Kazakhstan's Ekibastuz–Kokshetau line 1150 kV) lines safely.  The following is fun.............

Human Lightning Rod - Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections episode 5 preview - BBC Two

MRI scan room - The scan room of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine is designed as a Faraday cage. This prevents external RF (radio frequency) signals from being added to data collected from the patient, which would affect the resulting image. Radiographers are trained to identify the characteristic artifacts created on images should the Faraday cage be damaged

Cars can be Faraday cages - see the following video for what can happen........

The Faraday cage - an experiment in the University of Manchester National Grid High Voltage Research Centre (Ferranti building) that proves that it is really safer to be inside your car during a thunderstorm thanks to the metal chassis acting as a Faraday cage... at least in lab conditions! 

How it works

A form of sensory deprivation.


It works

It is legal


It is not free and it may not be easy finding a suitable Faraday cage – a car is hardly the most congenial spot to obtain a spiritual experience

References and further reading

Here is a video to show that some people are taking this seriously:

Sleep Inside A Faraday Cage

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