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The infrasound has a negative effect on health and can cause hallucinations, however, this paper does not explicitly state this


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Infrasound: The hidden annoyance of Industrial Wind Turbines  - Professor C. Renard

It was a Frenchman, V. Gavreau, who, during the Sixties, first reported human health problems caused by exposure to infrasound. The symptoms resembled seasickness, accompanied by headache, nausea, and dizziness which led to “deep nervous fatigue.” He was also the first to mention eye problems and the impossibility of concentrating on a task.

In the Seventies, a Dane, P.V. Brüel, manufacturer of acoustic metrology equipment, showed that symptoms were felt after only 5 minutes of exposure to infrasound of an amplitude of 1 Pa and a frequency of 12 Hz. He also demonstrated by measurements taken in an estate car travelling at a speed of 100 km/h that the level of infrasound which was almost constantly at 1 Pa between 4 and 16 Hz contributed to “car sickness.”

In addition, P.V. Brüel carried out some very interesting measurements of the level of infrasound on the top floor of a sixteen-floor high-rise block when there was a fairly strong wind blowing. The infrasound reached 6 Pa at 1 Hz and dropped to 0.2 Pa at 16 Hz. The signal spectrum showed resonances at 4 Hz (2 Pa), 8 Hz (1 Pa) and 12 Hz (0.4 Pa).

In the USA in 1975, D.L. Johnson defined the threshold levels above which people feel unwell :

0.2 Pa at 20 Hz

0.6 Pa at 10 Hz

2 Pa at 5 Hz

20 Pa at 2 Hz

60 Pa at 1 Hz

In Japan in 1991, H.Takigawa reported that infrasound of 1 Pa between 3 and 7 Hz had an influence on the vestibule of the ear and lead to ocular reflexes (nystagmus), spinal reflexes (tremors), and autonomic reflexes (dyspnoea).

In 1991, the Russian, B. Fraiman, noted the effect of infrasound of 2 Pa on blood pressure, which confirmed the problems of diastolic pressure mentioned in 1974 by Borredon (1 Pa = the pressure of a column of water 10 cm high). 

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