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Hawkes, Jacquetta – A Land – Past lives



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Jacquetta Hawkes – A Land

As in the physical being the foetus recapitulates episodes in the history of life, so each individual consciousness, that most fleeting manifestation, carries beneath it, far out of reach of normal memory, episodes in the history of consciousness back to its remotest origins.

Because mind, like the matter in which it is immanent, seeks to continue itself, it suffers the strange pangs of love, love which can serve its end in two ways. Either it leads mind to strive for union with another and so to continue its existence in a new creature, or excites it to creative activity of all kinds, and above all to project itself through the arts.

Whereas the new physical creature represents the prolongation of consciousness in the stream of time, these projections-pictures, poems, symphonies-are the perpetuation of a phase of consciousness motionless within the stream.

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Hawkes, Jacquetta

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