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Beuys, Joseph - Animals and Insects



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The Artistic Alchemy of Joseph Beuys – Dr David Adams

Beuys saw the animal kingdom as an ally for the evolutionary process of broadening and deepening human awareness.

Not only the bee, but also the horse, stag, elk, coyote, fox, swan, goat, hare, moose, and wasp appeared in his drawings, performances, and sculptures. Beuys felt that the essential, higher being of animals gave access to forgotten spiritual energies now needed again by human society,  especially when apprehended on a purely perceptual level without predetermined concepts.

Why do I work with animals to express  invisible powers?" he asked rhetorically in 1974.'You can make these energies very clear if you enter another kingdom that people have forgotten, and where vast powers survive as big personalities."


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Beuys, Joseph

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