Symbols - What does heaven look like


There are two symbolic meanings for a hare, one specific and which I have placed under the heading of Hare [March] and the more generic meaning I will be describing here.

The generic symbolism of the hare is derived from its two enormous ears and its large bulging eyes. It is a symbol of a person both capable of profound spiritual experience [bulging eyes] and in touch permanently with the spirit world [ears]. In this respect the ears are in effect the two tunnels of the opened crown chakra, equivalent to the twin horns.

Thus a hare in many cultures is a sort of 'god' a permanently enlightened being.

The symbol is very closely aligned with the Fool and we see here some links with the idea of the March hare – the mad hare – as being permanently in touch with the spiritual world can drive you slightly barmy. Madness and spirituality of this intensity, as we see time and time again are closely related. Hares can burn out.

In a few cultures there is also a further symbolism derived from its cleft lip. This signifies duality, but a positive duality – one who is living in both worlds , spirit and physical, further links are thus to be made between the hare and the concept of suspension as well as the Hanged Man.


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