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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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The appearance of those we may meet


Even when the spirit helper is ‘real’ in the sense of it having a spiritual existence outside that manufactured by the composer, the composer function still manufactures the image of the spirit that we see.

This may be somewhat complex to understand, but if we go back to the analogy, all this is software, it has no ‘physical’ existence, so the image has to be a manufactured image.  The spirit helper may have an image it uses and thus the composer uses – an image derived from its template, alternatively the image may simply be constructed for us by our composer according to our preconceived notions of what we should be seeing – perhaps a comforting or appropriate image of the spirit helper in order that we can receive the ‘lesson’ or message etc that needs to be delivered.  

But it is all fabricated for us – as I have explained and as the Greeks also perceived in devising the Oneiroi - all this is constructed for us by the composer function much as a film maker puts film clips together.  Depending on our culture and preconceived ideas about what sort of help we need, we may see Angels or Hindu gods or goddesses, [Devas], we may see Greek gods or goddesses, or saints.  We may even see an image of Jesus or the prophet or Buddha as we have seen in pictures.  Yram saw a white comforting looking dog!  The image is constructed for us.


Over time, assuming a person has many spiritual experiences a person may encounter any number of different spirit helpers each with a chosen persona.  Where a certain challenge needs more than one 'visit' the person may see the same figure [or figures] more than once, but once the task has been completed, the helper may never reappear.  But the spirit world helps by using the same image each time.  In this way we know we are ‘seeing’ the same spirit helper.  Often it is the reappearance of the same image that indicates that this is a spirit helper and not just some figure in a lesson.

There are considerable differences culturally in what we end up being presented with, the symbolism here is key, every aspect of their appearance may tell us about that spirit helper.  When you see a spirit helper the signs to look out for are as follows, please note that these can only be guidelines which I have drawn up from all the observations.

  • Wings – both spirit beings and Intelligences may be shown with wings.  Bodied souls or disembodied souls or the Higher spirits of some long dead family, totem group or  ‘clan’ member are usually shown without wings.  The following statement is not a rule but a guideline –in general classes have wings, occurrences [copies] do not.  Wings of any sort symbolise spirituality, but in some early visions, the more wings the entity had the greater the power, or if you prefer the higher up the spiritual hierarchy the entity was to be found.  The number of wings was an indicator of the number of functions.

The Greeks used wing symbolism extensively in their art – Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite and Pegasus all had wings, as did Ceres' snakes, but in Greek symbolism the number of wings was not important.  The gods were so easily recognisable to the Greeks that there was little need for extra wings.

  • Flames – flames are a common representation for Intelligences and spirit beings that have never been physical.  People see flame shapes of all sorts, large flame, whispy ethereal flames,  will-o’the wisps, tiny little sprite like flames.  It is a symbol of a class based entity.
  • Size – the size is occasionally an indicator of ‘importance’ - ranking.  This is where the concept of the Giant came from.  Here however, size is indicated by elongation [see below]  rather than the general  increase in girth and height.  It is as if a template image has been stretched to give us a concept of superiority. Spirit beings, for example, are nearly always tiny reflecting their position in the Intelligence hierarchy.  As a rule of thumb – the more functions the entity has the bigger the image presented.
  • Elongation - Many of the visions of sprites, fairies, angels and so on – spirits in general – are of beings which have a semi-human appearance except they are elongated, long slender fingers, long tapered legs, slim elongated bodies, large appealing eyes.  I was reminded of the photos now popular in fashion magazines of these waif like little girls who are already extraordinarily thin, but whose photos are manipulated to make them appear even longer and thinner.  Subconsciously we may be trying to recreate spiritual imagery.
  • Clothes – are an indicator that the entity has at one time been incarnated.  The type of clothes can give a clue as to when they were last incarnated.  Any figure that appears almost without form – a flame or a wraith like being has never been incarnated.  Nakedness has another symbolic meaning.
  • Ethereal – Intelligences and spirit beings – class based and not occurrences – are usually rather ethereal in appearance, semi transparent  – insubstantial, lace like or coral like.   Spirits appear in visions as very ‘size zero’.  And they give off light glow or shine.
  • Hands – if they have hands, spirits have the most beautiful hands – long long fingers elegant and pointed, again elongation of the image, but this applies to all the entities whether high function or not.
  • Shoes – are symbolic of the body, so any figure with shoes on indicates they are probably a bodied soul.


  • Eyes - The more eyes, the larger and brighter the eyes, the more perceptive and far seeing the Intelligence or other entity is, thus eyes are a measure of Intelligence, but a measure of one aspect – the ability to perceive and understand.

Hebrews 13:2

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.