How does communication work?

All communication between other entities in the spirit world is via the Composer.

Every entity – Spirit Being, Intelligence, Disembodied soul, Bodied soul, and Higher spirit has a composer function.  To use an analogy it is as if the entire spiritual world of entities was equipped with a mobile phone.

Thus all communication between your composer and the composers of other entities is mediated by the composers, nothing is direct.  It is also therefore strictly controlled.  The composer of another person for example, cannot read your perceptions directly – no one can read your mind.  But if you are happy to oblige and your composer [and Higher spirit] feels you are in agreement with the process then the two composers can cooperate and one composer gives the other composer the information it requests. 

This is how mediums work and why the picture they get is often extremely unclear.  Mediums are rarely given any more than access to your perceptions, but of course this means they always feed back things you think are true.

‘You’, the conscious you, knows nothing of this.

Below we see an apparently complicated picture of the two composers of two people interacting.  Composer one asks composer two for information and composer two gets it from perceptions. 

‘The card you are holding is a Jack of spades’. 

‘WOW how did you do that?’ 

‘Your composer told mine’.