Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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All these systems were created by Intelligences  – a word that means the system plus the creative capacity to add, destroy and amend function.  

Thus creation is an ongoing activity and one of delegation.  

Nature really does exist in a sense, and 'she' does create and destroy, except that she isn't one being but hundreds of thousands of spirit entities each responsible for their subsystem.  This means there are beings for every type of virus, beings for every type of bacteria and beings for every type of plant fungi and tree.  And there are beings for every type of animal too.

This truly massive project – The Great Work – is thus a vast team effort.

The co-ordination of this team effort is vested in Intelligences with progressively greater and greater power functionally.  I have explained this in more detail in the Intelligence hierarchy.

These Higher Intelligences we never see because we would not be able to comprehend that level of functionality.  In the Tree of Life and system, we can only converse with the Intelligences and Beings at the ‘bottom’ of the tree.  In effect we can only converse with those Beings and Intelligences capable of producing copies of themselves.  Thus we might be able to communicate with the Spirit Being that controls one specific type of flower – say a Daisy – but we cannot converse with the Intelligence that controls all flowers.  

Arthur Rackham

Our ancestors 'saw' these beings during out of body and visionary experiences and gave them names.  These days we have Disneyfied the names and lost much of the understanding that went with them, but the names were at one time a hugely important identifier of sub-systems and their beings.  It was through the being that understanding of systems could take place.  If you were a healer – a so called medicine man- and you wanted  to find out about a virus, you had to ask the being that controlled that virus how it worked and how to stop it decimating your people.

Neither Spirit Beings or Intelligences have an image, they are not physical so being only spirit, they have no template on which an image can be based.  True mystics tend to perceive these spiritual forms as vague flames or nebulous clouds, but the spirit world does help the rest of us.  As we have invented images for each sub-system and spirit being, it has fed those images back to us.  So now, you may 'see' the image of a little Disney like gremlin if you get food poisoning – the subsystem of the bacteria that is attacking you.

What names are used for each sub-system and thus Intelligence?  The following list shows what the correlation is between the system and the spirit being.

  • Planetary, star and galaxial systems –  known generally by the  names of the things themselves – the sun, the moon, the Earth – no special names are used.
  • Water systems – the spirit beings that are responsible for water systems are known as nymphs or undines.  Many ancient cultures got it wrong thinking that every major water system from the ocean to each river to each pond had its own undine, the nymphs are functionally based not geographically based!  And there aren't that many of them.  Neptune was the Greek name for all water systems.  Note here that I am not using water in its symbolic sense but physical sense.
  • Gas and air systems – the spirit beings that are responsible for gas and air systems are known as sylphs.  There is one sylph for each type of gas thus an oxygen sylph, a  nitrogen sylph, a hydrogen sylph, a nitrous oxide sylph,  a carbon dioxide sylph, a carbon monoxide sylph, and so on.  The sylphs often appear in visions and out of body experiences with an image that matches their properties.  Many are ethereal and elongated,  light and capable of extraordinary acrobatic manoevres [yes I have ‘seen’ one].  Note here that I am not using air in its symbolic sense but its physical sense.
  • Mineral and rock systems – the spirit beings that are responsible for mineral and rock systems are known as dwarfs.  An unfortunate name, because we now associate it with people of small stature; the original name was duegar.    Each mineral, metal or other substance such as salt or sand, milk and chalk has  its own dwarf.  They each behave predictably based on the attribute of the metal or mineral they control.  Gold and silver dwarfs are quite special.
  • Energy systems – the spirit beings that are responsible for energy systems are known as salamanders.  Not to be confused with the endearing little creatures that live on our planet, these are seen as a sort of lizard in some visions and out of body experiences, but the image is of course manufactured for us.  There is an electromagnetic energy salamander, a mechanical energy salamander, a thermal energy salamander and so on.  Aboriginal art is full of them.  The Dogon in Africa, for example, venerated them as creators.  The other name given to these powerful spirit  beings is the Fire being because these systems are found at the Fire level.
  • Micro-organism systems – the spirit beings responsible for bacteria and the vast number of cell based organisms we cannot see are called gnomes.  There are a truly vast number of types of gnome.
  • Virus systems – the spirit beings responsible for each of the vast numbers of viruses are called goblins.  There is presumably a ‘flu goblin, and a hepatitus goblin, and a common cold goblin!  The herpes goblin is everywhere [I jest] .  Interestingly, these do have an image because they are physical and none too pleasant to look at, thus the template image of both goblins and gnomes has been 'seen' in visions and out of body experiences.
  • Plant systems – there is a differently named spirit being for each of the different types of plants

 - fungi, mushrooms, ferns and mosses are controlled by Elves
 - flowering trees, shrubs and flowers are controlled by fairies.

  • Animal and insect systems – there is a different Intelligence for each type of insect, bird, reptile, fish and mammal .  We may see angels – but the image is a constructed one.  

So we know now who we might see in an out of body state or a vision.  How do we get to meet them?

Fairy Rings and Toadstools by R Doyle

Note:  The distinction between gnomes and goblins is not clear cut.  Although I have tried to give a definition, there is also a school of thought that says that goblins cover all viruses, bacteria and pathogens that are ‘harmful’ to humans, whereas gnomes cover ‘the rest’ of the micro-organisms.  I’m afraid I do not subscribe to this.  First this is not a very precise definition and secondly to constantly view the spirit world on the basis of whether we perceive it to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is not helpful long term.