The Universe

Let us go back now to the Levels of energy, now that we know that one of those levels is crystalline in character, but formed to all intents and purposes from mathematical shapes.  We can see the cone of energy with its tip amongst the master software.  We can see the crystalline level with its odd little shapes – the apparently ‘hard’ surface – the physical universe, the bit we can see.

Now, however, we will curl everything round on itself so that it becomes egg shaped.  In effect the whole of the universe is shaped like an Egg, but where we only perceive the ‘shell’ of the Egg.  At higher vibrational levels we have the white of the egg, but in the centre we have the yolk, where all the master software is stored.

This is why our energy levels are Cone shaped, so that they fit into the Egg.

In reality, the resultant structure is actually a Matrix

All the cones touch at the centre of the Egg and needless to say, because they are all moving around in the physical layer, their cones move around too.

Every little cone of energy [us and our fellow creatures and things] has its copy of the functions we need to operate, so within our cones of energy we have all sorts of functions stored at various vibrational levels – see Cones and function.

The resulting set of cones is a very complex thing – a vast sea of cells of energy containing systems and functions.

These cells of energy are very strictly ‘policed’ in practise. Access beyond your own cone is usually prevented and access up the levels can be very tricky too.  The central aether area is, as one would expect heavily guarded by both the firewall, but by very very tight security.  Rather intriguingly the security procedures used are very similar to those used in computer systems – see Spiritual security