Systems, functions and data

All Systems have a ‘data’ part and a ‘function’ part.  The functions are what the system does, the data is the information on which the function acts – either using it or producing it.

Some of this data is simply input to and output from the function, we might say it flows into and flows out of the function – a data flow.  But some information is also stored on a more permanent basis and we call this a ‘database’.

And so it appears is the case in the spiritual world.

The systems of the universe are broken down into functions.  These functions use Data flows.  Furthermore there are all sort of Data stores – permanently held data. 

There is no better example of this than the Model I have drawn of spiritual experience – see The Model - diagram.

You can see that just in ‘our’ human being’  system, we have the functions of Perception, Memory recall, Reasoning, the Will, Emotions, Learning, the 5 Senses, the Nervous system and the various Autonomic systems.

We also have all the data flows – shown by the arrows going into and out of the functions.

And we have a lot of Data stores, you can see we have Memory, Desires, Obligations, the Personality, Perceptions, Emotions, Sensations and so on.  Data used by each of the functions and held on a permanent or semi permanent basis

Taken together this might be looked on as our Database.  All of the other spirit based systems, besides our own use, databases -  plant systems, weather systems and so on.  It is clear from those who have ‘visited’ these databases that the data is linked so that you can traverse the databases and find out more.