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also on all local Amazon sites, just change .com for the local version (.co.uk, .jp, .nl, .de, .fr etc.)

The expanding universe

Spirit output goes  ‘up’ and spirit input comes down from the centre of the energy based universe.

Our activity, everything we do creates perceptions – the log of our activity and just one of the forms that Spirit output can take.  We in our turn receive, as  we saw, updates to our software and healing energy and inspiration amongst other types of input.

Thus all the time, chaos – unordered energy – is being used to create Spirit – ordered energy.  There is actually plenty of chaos around, it exists outside the shell of the Egg for a start and it exists between soul cones, separating them a bit – of which more in a moment.

It also exists in the Abyss, a ring of energy which is used to effectively ‘unorder’ energy which has been ordered so that it can be reused.  There appear to be several Abysses [Abbii?], for example, there is one near the centre of the Egg and one at the very rim beyond the physical layer which is used to destroy viruses [this is in ‘hell, so ‘hell’ in this sense does exist, but it is where ‘demons are stored and destroyed]  .

So we do, even within the Egg, have a flow of energy round and round via the Abysses.

But, it appears that we are using more chaos in this universe of ours than we are recycling.

Both the Atom and the Egg [the universe] are expanding.

[The atom is simply the microscopic view of the macroscopic – each match each other]

The effect of our new system

Although the ‘master package’ of the universe is being evolved with more ‘software’ - systems being created and rolled out over vast periods of our time, now we have become co-creators, we too are inventing systems and these get added to the master package.  In effect our systems become part of the master software.  If function is created, function is added – that is the strategy.  If you think that that new game you have just developed or that new payroll system you have just had a hand in, had no effect spiritually – think again.  It is there.  All proven learnt function is there.

So the cup part of the chalice is growing with both the Intelligences efforts and our efforts – lots and lots of people and Intelligences on the job.

The effect of our perceptions

Perceptions get processed, because perceptions are the means by which the Creation is monitored.  Once the data has been accumulated and synthesised, one would have thought that there was no more need of it, but you would be wrong, because we are all reincarnating.  All perceptions are saved for each new incarnation.  Thus our logs are getting truly huge, they go back – if we are very old souls – millions of years.

So one of the levels which is expanding the fastest is the ‘earth or physical layer.  This is because perceptions are being created by everything at an ever increasing rate.

Let me put this another way.  The universe [Egg]  is characterised by having bodies ‘things’  in it which are accumulating perceptions.  Perceptions are created by actual activity – action , so all action whatever form creates the logs that we know as perception.

Perceptions are  being accumulated by very large bodies [stars planets galaxies], through smaller bodies [planets], smaller [seas, oceans] smaller [trees, humans], smaller [insects], smaller [microbes]; smaller [compounds, molecules and atoms].

In effect anything which has processes attributed to it – every object - accumulates perceptions and at different rates depending on the frequency with which its processes are executed.

If we were to take a vibrational level  view of the Egg it would appear more like a turtle’s egg with its very soft shell, an egg with a flexible bendy rubbery skin in which trillions upon trillions of bodies were embedded,  and from which ‘rods’ of perception streamed.  There would be rods within rods.  Rods for the larger bodies and rods for the tiny bodies.  Every execution creates a log entry thus the whole would appear to be a knobbly writhing landscape expanding outwards in a totally irregular way, clicking its way outwards by little intervals of execution.  So not a smooth soap bubble, more like a knobbly expandable squash or a pumpkin.


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