Perceptions and Time

Dante – The Divine Comedy

And who are you who cut through our smoke,
And who speak of us as if you still measured
Time by the divisions of the calendar?

It is through the perception process that we get our concept of time.  It is only because perceptions are recorded at a set interval that we perceive time and the progression of time at all. Much of this is governed by the flicker rate of the eye. The perception process behaves a bit like a video recorder with a specific recording speed. Our perceptions are recorded at a constant flicker rate because that is how our eyes work. 

We are synchronised to the flicker rate. 

If we leave the perceptions and go into the spiritual world at large all sense of time vanishes. 

Outside of our perceptions there is no ‘time’.

Little animals with faster flicker rates perceive ‘time’ differently

Thus if we access our perceptions we can go fast forward or fast back over our lives.  Some gifted people can access other people’s perceptions and do the same.