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The Master software

So far we have really only looked at our cones of energy – the Implemented part of the Universe – the copy of the master software.  So where is the master software? 

It is all stored in the highest level of vibrational energy, as we saw  - the ‘Aether’ level.

What is perhaps totally and utterly novel about this ‘software’, however, is that because it describes the systems of the universe, and some of the functions of the universe are creative functions, the systems not only include the functions which constitute that system together with the class to which it relates, but all the creative software as well .

So everything is organised around classes of things – Spirit Entities – and those Spirit Entities consist of the Class Name [see Names] and  the functions that are part of that class.  They are given the name of Intelligences.  But, because they are Conscious, they also have a Will, the creative functions, reasoning, and so on. 

They also, however, have a number of attributes.  These attributes are used to determine our personality - for more details here see Intelligences and personality

The way that the systems is organised is around a hierarchy – the Intelligence hierarchy.  The Intelligence hierarchy is not dissimilar in some respects to the family tree of species, the enormous difference, however is that it covers everything -  not just plants and animals  - and that it is function based.  The species hierarchy drawn up by biologists tends to be based on the form of a thing.

The overall view one gets of the Intelligence hierarchy is then a sort of upended tree with vast numbers of branches created by the split into Intelligences of lesser and lesser function.  At a certain point you reach a twig and a leaf.

The leaf is actually us, because it represents our Higher spirit – the last division made

At the absolute pinnacle of the tree , the top Intelligence in the hierarchy is the Ultimate Intelligence – the Intelligence that is the sum total of all function and all attributes .  God.

As you can see from the diagram over the page, the Intelligences themselves are to be found at different vibrational levels.  These are the ‘gods’ of myth and legend, except they appear to exist.  They may have numerous synonyms, but they exist – see Intelligences and synonyms

All the very very high function ones are near the top of the chart – the levels of highest vibrational energy.  As the amount of function decreases you get nearer to us!

Intelligence hierarchy communication

Every Intelligence or Being in the Intelligence hierarchy has communicative power.  Yet again, each Intelligence contains a master software subset, but is a communicating entity.

The only way we can communicate with Spirit Entities in the Intelligence hierarchy is via our Higher spirit and we are reliant on our Higher spirit providing an input we can understand.  At no stage do we ever communicate directly with anything in the spiritual world.

Very often the importance of whatever has been met and conversed with is indicated in a vision by their size.  Appearances can be deceptive however, as the image is manufactured by the Composer according to our expectations.

Only the Ultimate Intelligence  [God] - being all function - can understand, communicate with and ‘know’ everything.  The lower down the Intelligence hierarchy you go, the more limited becomes the ability to communicate with higher Intelligences [Spirit Entities].

We  - like a copy of a computer system – have the 'human being' functions, and so do the Entities above us in the hierarchy, but these higher levels may also have other functions -  flower functions, cow functions, tree functions, water functions, stone functions..............  And something that powerful cannot be understood, by something with only limited functionally – us!

If we hear words and sentences in our language, we are communicating with the composer of an embodied soul or a disembodied soul or with our own composer

Intelligences can understand us, they may be able to help us if they have our functions, but we cannot understand them.  All communication with an Intelligence is via Symbols.

 ALL without exception

Which is why we need our composer.

No embodied soul or disembodied soul  can know or communicate with God the Ultimate Intelligence .