A map of the universe

After the description of the last section I am now in a position to show you a map of the Egg – the universe  - with all its vibrational levels.

Spirit Entities  - ‘Intelligences’ are to be found in the Aether level.  As we saw they are often called  ‘gods’

These Intelligences are actually not that great in number

Because they each have different names in different cultures, see ‘Intelligences and their synonyms’ , the illusion is created that there are thousands upon thousands of them.  At the higher levels there are actually very few, but at the lower levels there are far more simply because of the number of species and types of thing [classes of thing] there are in the universe.

In the map, some of the higher Intelligences have been given the name of planets, but remember that this has nothing to do with the physical planets – all of which were named after the Intelligences in the egg

So to understand the map you need to remember that the names which appear to show planets don’t describe the ones in the sky, they are symbolic names for Intelligences.

Right at the very centre is ‘God’ the Ultimate Intelligence – all function, the sum of all function.  In effect, all true mystics are able to map the egg to obtain quite a clear picture of the levels and layers and the various ‘courts’.

See also Abyss , Milky way and Star

If we look on the map in another way using the hugely simplified diagram shown below, the universe actually looks vibrationally like a great mouth with a vast vast number of little teeth [the cones] all round the rim connected to the central aether layer with its Intelligences.