Spiritual concepts


An elf is the Spirit being of a non-flowering plant – principally ferns, and fungi.

It is worth adding that the archetypal image – the template – that we have built up for this type of spirit being is so universal now, that it I presented back to us by the spirit world in visions.  Thus we ‘see’ what we expect to see and the image is constructed for us as we would expect – even down to the pointy ears and elongated body.  I have found observations of those who imbibe hallucinatory mushrooms who see the elf of the mushroom.

So far I have found no one who has had too many Portobello mushrooms or Trumpet de Mort, but given time …….

Elves are often associated with woods because many fungi grow on trees, particularly oak, beech, lime, linden, ash and birch occasionally pine.  Flowering trees that also support fungi have always been regarded as particularly 'potent' spiritually.

Synonyms – Alf; Alven, elve, elfvar [male], elfvor [female] elbe, oreas, naias, hamadryas.


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