Symbols - What does heaven look like

Feet pointing backwards


In some descriptions of  spirit beings the feet are pointing backwards and not forwards.  This is symbolic and the imagery is intended to convey an attribute  -  as it is a spirit being it is in the ‘mirror world’ and thus ‘walks backwards’.  In order to walk backward, logic goes it has to have its feet on the wrong way round.




Idyllen, Volkssagen, Legenden und Erzahlungen aus Der Schweitz – Professor J Rud Wyss  1813 [Source; Thomas Keightley]

I have never anywhere else heard of the goose feet in this myth; but that all is not right with the feet is evident from popular tradition.  Some will even have it that their feet are regularly formed, but set on their legs the wrong way, so that the toes are behind and the heels before!



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