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Flageolet beans

Category: Food



Introduction and description

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The flageolet bean is a variety of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) originating from France. The flageolet is picked before full maturity and dried in the shade to retain its green color.

The bean is small, light green, and kidney-shaped. The texture is firm and creamy when shelled and cooked.

Flageolet bean varieties include:

  • Chevrier (the original heirloom)
  • Elsa
  • Flambeau
  • Flamingo

Bottled flageolet beans are also available from France and they are every bit as good as the fresh varieties, as the French add nothing except water and a little salt to the beans, as such you are getting an almost 'home-made' taste.  

One of the most delicious dishes that uses flageolet beans is a slow cooked lamb stew. Shanks of lamb [bone left in] are slow cooked with onions [fried first to soften and colour], then small tomatoes, flageolet beans and Rosemary is added about 15 to 20 minutes toward the end of cooking time.  











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