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Introduction and description

Berberine is a "quaternary ammonium salt from the protoberberine group of isoquinoline alkaloids".

We have provided an observation from Dr Duke showing which plants it is found in.

Berberine was once used in China as a broad-spectrum anti-microbial medicine by Shennong around 3000 BC. This first recorded use of Berberine is described in the ancient Chinese medical book The Divine Farmer's Herb-Root Classic.  If one glances through the activities of Berberine as recorded by Dr Duke, there is some evidence to support this use, as it has antiviral, antibiotic and antiparasitic activity.

Due to Berberine's strong yellow color, Berberis species were used to dye wool, leather, and wood. Wool is still dyed with berberine today in northern India.

One source of Berberine - Barberry seed/Berberis vulgaris

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