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Toxins in eye shadow - Cosmetic companies



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Contact Dermatitis. 2000 Jan;42(1):5-10.  Metals and arsenic in eye shadows.  Sainio EL1, Jolanki R, Hakala E, Kanerva L.

The regulations relating to cosmetic products give no limit values for toxic elements such as metals or arsenic occurring as impurities in cosmetic products. The present study of metals (lead, cobalt, nickel, chromium) and arsenic in eye shadows in 88 colors of 25 brands and 49 products provides a basis for assessing the safety of eye shadow. 66 out of 88 (75%) of the colors contained more than 5 ppm of at least one of the elements, and all 49 products contained more than one 1 ppm of at least 1 of the elements. … The highest levels of cobalt and nickel were 41 and 49 ppm, respectively.

These levels were high enough to cause allergic symptoms in those previously sensitized. Furthermore, long-term exposure to such levels may probably sensitize. …. 9 colors had concentrations of water-soluble chromium exceeding 2 ppm, and a very high level, 318 ppm, was encountered in 1 case. …. The groups at greatest risk are those already sensitized to the allergenic elements.   PMID:  10644018

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