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Maybe it wasn't the mushrooms - maybe it was the chanting and lack of sleep.

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Source Erowid: María Sabina: from The Mushroom Velada

A major Wise One (= shaman) among the Mazatecs of Oaxaca, Mexico, María Sabina received her poems/songs through use of the psilocybe mushroom at all-night curing sessions (veladas): a practice going back to pre-Conquest Mexico and witnessed by the Spanish chronicler who wrote: "They pay a sorcerer who eats them [the mushrooms] and tells what they have taught him. He does so by means of a rhythmic chant in full voice." The sacred mushrooms are considered the source of Language itself — are, in Henry Munn’s good phrase, "the mushrooms of language."

The [chant described in the rest of the article, not included] departs from the more extended, even "grandiloquent" language of most of the Chants, relying in part on techniques of fragmentation & the use of non-semantic sound (meaningless syllables, humming, clapping, whistling, etc.) The session itself goes on for a whole night, with many of the images, "self"-namings, etc., established early & repeated throughout in full or fragmented form.

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Sabina, Maria

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