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Hennell, Thomas - Of finer, thinner stuff than iridescent bubbles



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The Witnesses – Thomas Hennell

As to the visioned creations, these were of finer, thinner stuff than iridescent bubbles, in all the details of their forms more minute and miraculous than anything upon earth.  Indeed, they would have had little significance had they been such as could conceivably have been provided, or invented, from the experience of a human lifetime.  There were small suns and strange twilit words of lakes and islands – not conceived as spinning balls, like our earth, but having definite but changeable limits, as drops of oil which float on water.

Planets, with their peculiar signs, came near, the sun was broken, and the face of the earth was changed, the landscape was never so enchanted.  An ancient cave, passage, or hollow ladder, seemed to connect new earths; perhaps this was such as Jacob saw, for it was an image of remote antiquity.  Other conceptions were sometimes very simple, as if symbolic; a tomb or oven built with bricks arched over the opening, two narrow bricks locking the arch.

‘I have given you seven loaves’ said the voice of that ancient baker.  These were gifts of the spirit, for which I should be called to account

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Hennell, Thomas

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