Spiritual concepts

Spiritual input [experience]

A spiritual input is a collection of either ‘sensory’ or ‘non-sensory’ information which the composer has built up for us to provide us with a spiritual experience. The experience is geared to our needs at the time and also our stage on the Spiritual path

  • Sensory - When ‘sensory’ we may ‘see’ it as an image in the mind, although it can often appear to be being received via the eyes, even when it is not.  It may be auditory and we may hear voices or music which has no physical source.  We may also get sensations of touch or smell or taste which also have no physical source.   
  • Not sensory - If it is not ‘sensory’ we may receive it in the form of a ‘thought’ – a non-sensory feeling.  This non sensory route is often used to provide us with intuitions [gut feelings] and ‘prophecies’, inspiration, ‘wisdom’, various forms of healing input, prods to our conscience, bliss, ecstasy and ‘divine love’, peace, and forgiveness.  Generally we never refer to these forms of input as anything other than what I have listed here. 

There are certain types of spiritual experience which a person may receive – for a full description see Types of Spiritual experience.


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