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A Symbol that represents the Crescent Moon.  There are two paths on death – one symbolically leads to the Moon and is the path of reincarnation, the other leads symbolically to the Sun and is the path of liberation from reincarnation. 

The scythe is thus associated with death and reincarnation, which is why you see the figure of death holding a scythe.  The symbolism is extended in some Tarot cards and symbolic images by showing death cutting the ‘cord.  Many people in out of body experiences feel as though they are ‘tied’ to the Earth layer by a cord or thread [so called Ariadne’s thread] this is actually constructed for them by the composer to give them a sense of security.  Thus to ‘cut the cord’ symbolically means to die because one has cut one’s connection with the body on a fairly permanent basis!

And of course there is death and death.


A Dictionary of Symbols – J E Cirlot

An attribute of Saturn and in general linked with allegories of death. In some images of these deities it is not a large agricultural scythe that is portrayed but a smaller dagger curved in shape and called harpe.
Broadly speaking, all curved weapons are lunar and feminine symbols, whereas straight ones are masculine and solar.
Straightness signifies penetration and forcefulness, curves suggest the means to an end and passivity. For this reason, the harpe has been linked with the ‘indirect way’, that is the secret path that leads to the beyond.


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