Symbols - What does heaven look like


The lily takes on the symbolism of all flowers.

The lily is an emblem of purity, but in some instances lilies have taken on other meanings because of their use in religious or political symbolism.  Thus lilies were sometimes used for royalty and one of the religious meanings is as a symbol of life after death – which is why they are used at funerals.

The Angel Gabriel carried a Lily to the Virgin Mary, the lily was white and signified pure wisdom being brought to earth, in effect, the coming of Jesus. 

The Fleur de Lys (Lily) of France, the national emblem from the 12th century is really the Fleurs de Luce - the Flowers of Light - the three petals of the heraldic lily are the three rays of light once sacred to the Druids of Gaul and Britain as the threefold utterance of the name of God - the Trinity.



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