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A Dictionary of Symbols – J E Cirlot

This instrument, of Chaldean origin, is the mystic symbol of justice, that is, of the equivalence and equation of guilt and punishment.

In emblems, marks and allegories it is often depicted inside a circle crowned by a fleur de lis, a star, a cross or a dove.  In its most common form, that is, two equal scales balanced symmetrically on either side of a central pivot, it has a secondary meaning – subservient to the above – which is, to a certain extent, similar to other symbolic bilateral images, such as the double bladed axe etc….

The deepest significance of the balance derives from the zodiacal archetype of Libra, related to ‘immanent justice’ or the idea that all guilt automatically unleashes the very forces that bring self destruction and punishment

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Cirlot, J E

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